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Date of last connection: 2012-02-04
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Mr. Ar... Vo...
20610 Turku

Prepared job(s): : University projects targeted at cooperation with IT/business companies


School: Turku University of Applied Sciences 20520 Turku

Education level: 3rd year

Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +3
Last diploma :
Current educational level : +3
Prepared job(s): : University projects targeted at cooperation with IT/business companies

Duration of the internship: 4 months
Beginning of the internship:
2012-05-01 2012-09-01
Full-time No
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods :

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
English : Working language
German : Intermediate
Finnish : Basic
Russian : Native

Cover letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a third-year
student of Turku University of Applied Sciences. Currently I am finishing my
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and am looking for a place to do
my Professional Training.

While the field of my
specialization lies in international business management, my interests also
include corporate finance, law and marketing analysis. I believe that solid
educational background and strong analytical skills make me an ideal candidate
for internship position in your company. It is also necessary to point out that
my previous working experience as an auditor assistant combined with my courses
in economics, marketing, finance and European law will make me a valuable asset
to your company.

During my studies I
have gained crucial knowledge of working in multicultural environment, managing
university projects directed at cooperation with Finnish companies and
understanding of the key factors that play important role in today’s
ever-changing business and social environments.

Being one of the best
students of my course, I am a responsible and result oriented person, with good
communication and organizational skills. I am motivated to cooperate with your
company in every possible way in order to create a basis for my further thesis

My current studies finish in the beginning of
May and I am ready to start the training around this time. The duration of my
internship must be approximately three or four months. Please note, that I
don’t require salary as the University pays for my training. I am also sending
you my CV application and I would be very grateful if you could take a look at

Thank you for your time and consideration,




Date of birth: 09.11.1987 Nationality: Russian Male

Personal Statement: A third-year International Business
student with good organisational, analytical and communication skills looking
for a position of an intern to complete Professional Training.

Being one of the best students of my
course, I have a solid educational background and am eager to supplement it
with good practical skills. I am a very motivated person particularly
interested in the fields of economics, finance and marketing communications.


Communication Skills

Being a student of Business Administration means
focusing on building strong friendly relationships with team members and
developing proper negotiating skills

A good listener that is able to effectively
communicate with people of different occupations

A person with experience in holding presentations
and solid presentation skills

Analytical/Research Skills

to gather and analyse information on a variety of subjects

result oriented person with analytical thinking


person with experience of being a project and team leader within my degree

to follow deadlines and achieve required goals

active team member with an intention to support colleagues and encourage
creative thinking

leadership and problem-solving skills


an International Business student I have experience in working in a
multicultural environment

Computer Skills

knowledge of Internet Technologies, Windows and Linux applications (MS Office,
Photoshop, Open Office, etc.)

Personal Skills

to withstand stress, responsible, result oriented, flexible, creative,
conscientious, attentive, ready to learn

and qualifications

Educational Institution


Turku University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration


Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Business management

Bachelor of Business Administration


Saint-Petersburg State University Faculty of Philosophy

Onthology and Theory of knowledge


Saint-Petersburg's Gymnasium № 61




of understanding








to read/translate

Work Experience:

12.11.08 – 26.01.2010 – Auditor assistant in LLC
“Aster-Audit”. Member of staff responsible for:

Performance of functions necessary for
organising auditing activities (preparing documentation, keeping records of

Observation of current legislation in order to
help the auditor;

Organization of business meetings and

Telephone consulting concerning services and
activities of the company;

Receiving/sending of the correspondence mail.

Other jobs have included a temporary position of
sales-manager’s assistant.

Additional Information:

Single, no kids

Driving license (B)

Health: excellent, non-smoker

Interests: sports (jogging), literature, history

References are
available on request

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